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Elliot John | 1 Year

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

So there’s this couple we’ve become rather good friends with in town, and it’s a huge blessing. We don’t have many friends in town (honestly, we can count the number of friends we have here on one hand…seriously…maybe two hands). Without them, we’d be bored out of our minds and going crazy. Rachel and Jeremy have been so good to us and so good for us. They have welcomed us lovingly into their home and into their life. It’s been wonderful. Part of their life is this adorable, curious, wide-eyed little boy. We met them when Elliot was a mere 3 months old and I’ve got to tell you, Elliot is seriously one of the cutest, sweetest kids you will ever meet. Don’t be fooled though…he’s got will like I’ve never seen and he keeps his parents on their feet (literally). That could also be because they’re busy chasing him around their house making sure he’s not getting into things he shouldn’t and also trying to encourage imagination and character so strong that he will grow to be one heck of a guy. Elliot had his 1 year birthday in August so Rachel asked me if I’d snap some photos of their recently walking little guy. Of course I agreed and we got to work! Daddy was gone for the morning, so making Elliot smile was a bit harder for us than it is for Jeremy…Elliot loves his dad dearly. I do think we got some great ones though (Elliot makes some pretty silly/cute faces) and just love the two little mountainous teeth (he now has 7!).

Rachel wasn’t expecting to get her photo taken, but I couldn’t resist putting up the image of her reading to her son. It’s just too precious. Elliot loves books just like his daddy…he’s a son after his father’s own heart.

Moments like these are fleeting and I hope we all take time to remember the sweet, beautiful things in life.

Becky J


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